Top 10 Suitcases for Teenage Girls in India (2021)


Are you planning a family vacation? Well, then a trendy suitcase would be the perfect gift for your teenage girl, isn’t it? The ideal suitcase for a teenage girl is around 55 cm in height and weighs 2.5 kgs.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 suitcases for teenage girls in India for 2021. It comprises fashionable hard-sided and soft-sided trolley bags so your young teen can travel in style! Let’s go ahead and check them out!

1) Tramp & Badger Hard Trolley Bag 

Tramp and Badger is a popular name when it comes to travel luggage. They manufacture a variety of bags in hard polycarbonate casing, especially trolley bags. You can find kids’ trolley bags, printed trolley bags, 3-piece trolley bags, and a lot more!

Their 55 cm Hardsided White trolley bag with a beautiful butterfly print is gorgeous, to say the least! It absolutely looks like the dream of every teenage lady! 


  • Made of a hard polycarbonate casing to safeguard your essentials from unnecessary jolts along the way.
  • Designed in the dimensions 55 cm x 35 cm x 24 cm, making it the perfect choice for teenage girls.
  • Four 360 degrees rotating spinner wheels offer enough flexibility to move in any direction instantly.
  • Shock and water resistant, so your luggage is safe from impacts and remains dry during the rainy season.
  • A telescoping handle with a push button for comfortable maneuvering.
  • A 3 digit number lock so your belongings can be safely locked inside the bag. 


  • 5 years warranty.
  • Shock and water resistant.
  • Material is of good quality.
  • Elegant and stylish design.
  • Great choice for young teens.
  • Spacious enough for short trips.
  • Available in 8 colors and designs.


  • No TSA lock.
  • A little high priced.
  • Low quality handle.
  • Prone to scratches.
  • Not super lightweight.

2) Nasher Miles Hard-Sided Cabin Luggage

Nasher Miles is another popular travel products company that manufactures quality products like duffel bags, trolley bags, weekend bags, laptop bags, business bags, and more travel accessories.  

Their 55 cm hard-sided trolley bag in teal and dark blue color combination looks super classy and portable! They also offer other fancy color combinations.  


  • Made of co-extrusion polycarbonate to keep your bag lightweight and enhance durability.
  • Designed in the dimensions 37 cm x 23 cm x 55 cm, making it handy for teenagers and young adults.
  • 8 silent spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees that offer maximum mobility to your trolley.
  • Number lock for an enhanced security of your personal items.
  • Telescoping handle made of aluminium for comfortably wheeling your trolley bag around.
  • 2 mesh pockets and a hinge pocket help you neatly organize your additional items and accessories.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Quite stable structure.
  • Lightweight and spacious bag.
  • Smooth 360 degrees rotating wheels.
  • Available in 7 attractive color combinations.


  • No TSA lock.
  • A little overpriced.
  • Low quality zipper.
  • Prone to scratches.

3) Kamiliant KAM Kiza Ruby Red Hardsided Cabin Luggage 

Kamiliant is a brand of American Tourister that specializes in manufacturing affordable and attractive travel bags under the range of ₹5000. 

This 55 cm tall Hardsided Cabin Luggage in Ruby Red color comes across as a strong fashion statement for teenage girls! Standing 55 cm tall, this bag is super lightweight and handy for all kinds of trips. 


  • Designed in the dimensions 36 cm x 24.5 cm x 55 cm, so teenagers and youngsters can handle it with ease.
  • Made of hard polypropylene casing that can handle rough usage while traveling. 
  • Four 360 degree rotating wheels that allow more flexibility to your trolley.
  • Dual texture makes it completely resistant to scratches.
  • Extendable trolley handle so you can wheel it around conveniently.


  • Budget friendly pricing.
  • Can be used as cabin bag.
  • Looks stylish and compact.
  • 3 year international warranty.
  • Dual texture for scratch resistance.


  • No TSA lock.
  • Material is of poor quality.
  • Color looks quite dull in reality.

4) AmazonBasics Light Blue Hardsided Cabin Trolley

AmazonBasics is a private label brand  of Amazon. You can find everything from gadgets to technical appliances to kitchen accessories, to bags, wallets, luggage bags and a lot more on it.

Their Hardsided Cabin Trolley in bright blue color looks really captivating. It is 55 cm tall and has a lightweight design, which makes it a great option for young teens.  


  • A hard polycarbonate casing to protect your essentials from bumps and scratches.
  • Designed in the dimensions 38 cm x 25.5 cm x 54.99 cm, which makes it ideal for young girls to carry around. 
  • 4 spinner wheels for smooth rotation in every direction.
  • Telescoping handle for an easy grip and a side handle to carry the trolley sideways if needed!
  • Up to 15% expandable for extra packing capacity
  • Scratch Resistant finish keeps your trolley bag protected from scratches, wear and tear. 


  • Smooth wheels.
  • Scratch resistant finish.
  • Available in 4 funky colors.
  • Offered at a decent pricing.
  • Sturdy and expandable design.
  • Can be used as international cabin luggage.
  • Interior organizer pocket with zippered closure.
  • Up to 15% expandable for extra packing capacity.


  • No lock.
  • Too heavy for young girls to handle.
  • Handle is too flimsy. It often gets stuck.

5) Priority Minion Group Kid’s Hardcase Trolley Bag

Priority is a leading brand of travel bags in India. It especially focuses on school students, college students and professionals.

So, you will find an impressive collection of school bags, laptop backpacks, hiking backpacks, formal bags, and more with them. 

Their 46 cm Hardcase Trolley bag is the perfect size for young kids. With a super cute cute minion group printed over it, this bag is sure to win your little teen’s heart! 


  • A hard casing of polycarbonate protects your luggage from bumps and minor accidents.
  • 8 sturdy wheels so you can tow your trolley around with ease. 
  • Designed in the dimensions 33 cm x 20.3 cm x 45.7 cm, that is appropriate for kids and teenagers. 
  • A number lock for additional safety of your belongings.
  • Ideal size for being used as a cabin luggage. So, you can use it for International flights as well!


  • Smooth working wheels.
  • Adorable printed design.
  • Comes at a good price point.
  • Durable and lightweight design.
  • Good for carrying as a cabin bag.


  • No TSA lock.
  • No scratch resistance.
  • Combination lock is mentioned, but isn’t present on the bag.

6) Skybags Trooper Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage

Skybags is the first company to design printed polycarbonate bags. It is a leading and trusted manufacturer of travel bags in India. Their collection comprises high quality duffel bags, suitcases, backpacks, trolleys, etc! 

Their 55 cm Trooper Hardsided luggage bag is the right size for young girls. The blue wavy design on top gives it a highly sophisticated touch! 


  • Made of a hard casing of premium polycarbonate that absorbs impact and instantly flexes back into shape. 
  • Designed in the dimensions 38 cm x 21 cm x 55 cm, perfect for young kids and also for carrying as a cabin bag. 
  • Four 360 degree rotating wheels so you can smoothly wheel your trolley in any direction.
  • A push-button handle and a side-grab handle for better accessibility. 
  • A scratch resistant design that protects your luggage from abrasions. 
  • Durable cross straps to hold your belongings in their place


  • Lightweight design.
  • Comes at a good price point.
  • 1 year international warranty.
  • Strong and smooth rolling wheels.
  • Can pack upto 5-6 days of clothing.
  • Looks extremely stylish and elegant.
  • Perfect size for using as a cabin trolley.
  • Micro diamond finish for scratch resistance.


  • Faulty height lock.
  • No water resistance.
  • Trolley is not so sturdy.
  • Low quality trolley handle.
  • Material is prone to scratches.

7) Romeing Venice Hard-Sided Pink Cabin Trolley Bag

Romeing is an Italian brand that designs elegant and long lasting travel bags including hard sided trolleys, soft sided trolleys, laptop roller cases, etc.

Their Venice edition 57 cm trolley bag in pink color is ideal for teenage girls! It looks super chic and graceful. The lightweight design makes it even more suitable for comfortable travel.


  • Made up of a hard polycarbonate casing so your belongings are not prone to any external damages.
  • Designed in the dimensions 38 cm x 24 cm x 57 cm, which makes it easy to handle for teenagers.
  • Four silent spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees so your bag moves effortlessly, just like you!
  • TSA approved lock for quick and damage-free security checks on airports.
  • Telescoping handle made of anodized aluminum for a strong grip while wheeling the bag around. 
  • A scratch resistant micro-diamond finish that reduces the visibility of scratches on your trolley.


  • TSA approved lock.
  • Good quality product.
  • Available in 5 attractive colors.
  • Lightweight and classy design.
  • Handy and fashionable for girls.
  • Scratch resistant micro diamond finish.
  • Smooth Wheels and an extendable handle.
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Pricing is expensive.
  • Weak internal stitching.
  • Trolley is not so sturdy.

8) Safari Duo Purple Softsided Cabin Luggage

Safari is an Indian company that designs a variety of travel bags that include backpacks, soft-sided and hard-sided luggage bags, wallets and more.

Its products are designed with superior quality of fabrics, making it more durable.

Their Softsided Cabin Baggage in Purple color gives more of a classy yet professional vibe! It stands 58 cm tall, which makes it a good fit for the older teens. 


  • Made of premium quality polyester for more strength and durability.
  • Designed in the dimensions  35 cm x 25 cm x 58 cm, a size slightly larger than normal. This makes it more suitable for older teens.
  •  Four 360 degree rotating wheels that glide effortlessly in all directions.
  • Push button trolley with a soft, padded handle that can be adjusted to multiple heights for more convenience.
  • A strong combination lock to safely lock all your belongings.
  • A completely lined interior with elastic straps for keeping your stuff intact.


  • Value for money product.
  • 5 years international warranty.
  • Suitable for 2-3 days’ travel.
  • It is ideal for carrying as a cabin bag.
  • The trolley is very strong and sturdy.
  • Completely lined interior with elastic straps.
  • Two large front pockets with durable zippers.


  • No scratch resistance.
  • No TSA approved lock.
  • Quite heavy for a young girl.

9) Aristocrat Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage (Baleno)

Aristocrat is another popular Indian brand famous for its durable material quality. It manufactures a wide range of travel luggage, including suitcases, briefcases, trolleys, and more. 

Their 58.3 cm Softsided Baleno Cabin Bag in blue color looks super trendy and upscale! It is a delightful choice for older teen girls. 


  • Made of soft and good quality polyester that makes it long lasting.
  • Designed in the dimensions 37 cm x 26 cm x 58.3 cm, meaning it’s ideal for young adults.
  • Two spacious front pockets to store some additional essentials.
  • Push button trolley with aluminium handle to give it a sturdy structure.
  • Corner guards and side lugs to provide extra protection against bumps. 
  • 4 smooth rolling wheels and a lightweight design for towing around with ease.


  • 5 years warranty.
  • Looks very stylish.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Value for money purchase.
  • 2 spacious front pockets.
  • Corner guards and side lugs provided.


  • No TSA lock.
  • No scratch resistance.
  • Material is not waterproof.
  • Looks spacious, but is quite confined.

10) Safari Sonic Anti Scratch Hardsided Silver Cabin Luggage

The Sonic Silver Hardsided Cabin Luggage by Safari is an extremely professional and smart looking trolley bag! It is 55 cm and lightweight to carry around, which makes it perfect for young girls!


  • Composed of hard polycarbonate that keeps your luggage safe. 
  • Side-mounted combination lock to secure your belongings with a secret code.
  • Designed in the dimensions 40 cm x 25 cm x 55 cm, making it handy for teenagers.
  • Four 360 degree rotating wheels that offer a smooth towing experience on all surfaces.
  • Extendable trolley handle as well as a side handle to carry your suitcase as you want!
  • Water and scratch resistant material to keep your essentials dry and free from damage. 


  • Ideal size for a cabin bag.
  • 5 year international warranty.
  • Water and scratch resistant.
  • Lightweight and strong design.
  • Available in three elegant colors.
  • Completely value for money product.


  • No TSA lock.
  • Mentions 1.5 kg weight, but the bag actually weighs 2.8 kg.


Teenage girls love all things colorful and fashionable. Getting them a lightweight and stylish suitcase would be an ideal gift while traveling.

So, this was a list of the Top 10 Suitcases for Teenage Girls in India for 2021. I hope you found these suggestions helpful. I hope you make your little lady rolling with joy by gifting her one of these elegant and durable trolley bags! 

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